As you are planning your wedding survive stress-free

Der Weg vom ersten Date und dem ersten verliebten Blick bis zum Schritt vor den Traualter ist manchmal kürzer als gedacht. Wenn Sie Ihren Partner gefunden haben und den Rest Ihres Lebens mit ihr oder ihm verbringen möchten, kommt neben viel Glück auch die Planung der Hochzeit auf Sie zu. Und damit Sie diese stressfrei und ohne Streit überstehen, sollten Sie schon frühzeitig auf geeignete Strategien zurückgreifen.

You benefit from the experience

The planning of your wedding is, in many aspects, but in others also, like any other wedding. You will benefit by asking already-married friends and Acquaintances about their experiences. What mistakes have you made, where the biggest stumbling blocks are found? Many problems can thus be quite easy to prevent.

Plan early enough

Flowers, ribbon and wedding cake, and decoration, menu and, and, and – planning a wedding is extensive and full of little and big Details. For this you need sufficient time, the more, the better.

So plan early and set Deadlines for the individual tasks, so everything comes up just before the wedding at once on you. You need to schedule a time buffer. Ideally, four weeks prior to the wedding is all planned and booked. Should go wrong, you have still sufficient time to make other arrangements.

Check list for wedding planning

So you forget in the planning of the wedding or overlooked, helps a checklist. You reserve the first page in a folder, so you can keep track and have all of the Postings and papers at the ready.

The following preparations should you make time to plan:

12-3 months before the wedding:

  • the wedding date has been set
  • Budget planning
  • Registry office and Church plan
  • necessary papers to get
  • if desired: marriage contract set up
  • Location and music order
  • Groomsmen set
  • Guest list-create
  • Send invitations
  • Hotel reservations for guests from outside
  • Wedding dress and suit to pick (especially in the case of custom-made important!)
  • Hen night planning
  • Holiday submit
  • Honeymoon book
  • if needed: dancing lessons, visit
  • Wedding car arrangements

3-1 month before the wedding

  • volunteers for the Celebration to get
  • Bridal bouquet and table decorations to order
  • Wedding cake, menu and drinks set (possibly rehearsal dinner arrange)
  • Table cards print
  • Rings choose
  • Dress and suit fitting
  • Preliminary interview with the Registrar/the Registrar
  • in the case of the Church wedding: Traugespräch
  • To check and Cancel the Caterer the final number of guests informing

1 week to 1 day before the wedding

  • Rehearsal in the Church
  • the final fitting of the wedding clothes
  • Wedding hairstyle to choose, and possibly hairstyle sample agree

The planning of the little things or the solution of small problems are in good hands with the best man!

After the wedding:

  • First the honeymoon, enjoy!
  • Name and marital status change
  • Tax class change
  • Acknowledgements to the guests to write

Delegate tasks

Planning a wedding is comprehensive and for two people is almost too much. Delegate as many tasks as possible to help friends and relatives ready. You can use e.g. a free wedding homepage so you and all Involved keep track of them.

Nice side effect: in addition to the Organizational you can post on a Wedding website of your wish list, and so prevent that you get gifts twice.

Except for the help of friends, you can involve also, of course, a wedding planner, so the planning of the wedding is more relaxed, but is accordingly more expensive.

Consciously relax

So important to a successful wedding is, your partnership is more important. Take for each other, therefore, also shortly before the wedding, always very aware of time. A Date or a weekend, without the conversations about floral arrangements and wedding dresses, helps to avoid Stress. And so, you can appear totally relaxed and in love as always to walk down the aisle!

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