From the dream to the couple – Individual ideas for a wedding

Wenn man den richtigen Partner gefunden hat (vielleicht ja sogar durch unsere Flirttipps!?), geht es oft schnell. Die erste gemeinsame Wohnung, die Verlobung und plötzlich steht der große Tag vor der Tür.

The wedding will be memorable, primarily for the happy in love couple, we have compiled some tips on how you can enrich with all individual ideas for your special day.

The Wedding Dance – celebrate the most beautiful day of your life

Since more and more bride-to-be of your wedding Ceremony and the subsequent wedding dance couples publishing to video platforms such as youtube, is part of the "Wedding Dance" almost to the wedding traditions.

Treat yourself to this fun at the wedding. This Moment is not only for you but also for your guests, to the goose bump experience. Show together with closest friends and family, as you can celebrate without the dusty conventions, the most beautiful day of your life.

You make it for example, like William and Kate ;)

Wedding cake different

Say goodbye to the typical 3-storey wedding cake that you see on every Celebration. You can think of something. Where did you meet, for example? In a single exchange on the Internet? Then, let the photos, which were then to your profile, on the cake print. Or do you have specific joint pain?

Here are some very nice suggestions for fun and unique cakes:

And if it's supposed to be the tower form: Let your creativity in the decoration. Are you a musician, "glue" your cake with musical notes, guitars, and much more. And on the top do not have to be the "serious" couple. Are you looking for something Fun and Loose. Watch here is a suitable bride and groom for your cake .

With very special ideas impress

There are many creative ideas to make a wedding exciting. For example, you could

  • in an unusual place to get married (as it would be in the forest, in a salt cave or on a ship)
  • align the Buffet theme (e.g., Greek or Spanish cuisine), offer you a Live kitchen or
  • you make the entire wedding ceremony under a theme (medieval, aristocratic, or perhaps as a "Beach Party")

And if you want to do your guests a Favor: skip the often long wedding games, which will frequently destroy any mood.

But above all: Stay relaxed! A wedding is stressful, but if you preparations are well have survived you will hold the Celebration also. And if you can look forward to a wonderful wedding trip, the Stress only half as exhausting. We wish you for your big day and, of course, for her married life all the best!

Here you will find some more good ideas: