With our relationship advice from a Date to a partnership make

The first Date went well, the interest is awakened, the question now is: How is the further? Not everything works quite simply and a lot of questions and Concerns, don't be fast to the noise factor of a possible relationship, if you look at time to think about it. Even if character and chemistry of voices, there are some things you can consider so that the interest is not nipped in the Bud. So this does not happen, we have made our here a few thoughts on what you can do to give her Date the opportunity to develop a relationship.

Who calls first?

This silly old game of power makes more and more people life difficult than one would suspect. Traditional values (always the man), Fears (and if you don't like me?) or Proud (should he show that he likes me) often prevent a natural dealing with this issue.

Our tip: Not too much thought! Best to call if you feel like it. The other logs but even after 2 or 3 don't Call self, is it worth it to get the thing to slow things down a little. The sound on the phone should always be friendly and not too insistent. You observe simply the General rules of telephone etiquette.

How to learn to know the Best?

In principle, the following applies: Joint actions to bring closer to each other, make fun, and sometimes give more insight into the character of the other than hours and hours of conversations. You inquire about his / her interests and overcome their own prejudices.

  • @ Ladies: Surprise him with his dream of youth, together with a Quad rent and travel can be more fun than you can imagine!
  • @ Gents: learn cooking together, is a wonderfully kind to. Sensual way!

When may start of the common everyday life?

Diese Frage lässt sich natürlich nur individually bestimmen. Es gibt Paare, die bereits nach 2 Wochen zusammen ziehen und andere, die am Liebsten für immer in einer Wochenendbeziehung leben wollen. Der Wunsch den Alltag zu teilen, sollte von beiden Beteiligten zu gleichen Teilen kommen, da er sonst schnell zum Bumerang wird. Vergessen Sie nie, dass eine glückliche Beziehung auch viel Arbeit bedeutet und geben Sie sich weiterhin Mühe. Das Teilen des Alltags soll ja nicht den Tod der Liebe bewirken, sondern diese krönen. Sorgen Sie dafür, dass Ihre Beziehung lebendig bleibt, unternehmen Sie gemeinsam etwas, verwöhnen Sie den Partner durch Erlebnisgeschenke und erleben Sie jeden Tag der Gemeinsamkeit als Geschenk!