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Single exchange:
Number of members: nearly 250 000;
Ratio Men / Women: No Information
Target group: Young people have fun at the Flirt, and likes a variety of functions;
Ease of use: The operation is simple and all functions are explained in detail, so that even the inexperienced can use the whole range of.
The Flirt and fun factor:
  • Single-Videos (up to 10 Videos in the profile);
  • SMS;
  • SMS-Chat;
  • Phone Chat;
  • Video-Chat;
  • Setting up your own Dating Blogs;
Pattern profile:
Free Performance:
Benefits of membership: Full use of the single market with all of the contact options;
Cost: For men: 9,90 € per month;
Notice: gekündigt werden kann jederzeit online;
the notice is then in each case the end of the runtime effectively;
Security / Anonymity:
Ads-Respectability: On the basis of the photos, you can come there to Ponder....
Feature: Many Of The Web2.0 functions;
Overall impression: A relatively cheap side, you can certainly spend some entertaining hours and a lot of occasions to contact;
Contact: "To "