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Matchmaking with love point

Matchmaking: love point
Number of members: in the case of the partner of your dreams about 65000, in total. 170 000;
Ratio Men / Women: about 35 / 65
Target group: Trennung nach Traumpartnersuche oder eine erotischer Begegnung.
As a VIP member, both of which can be tested.
average age: Mid-30's; all age groups represented;
Ease of use:
  • Detailed help with questions and answers;
  • clearly designed, information can be easily found;
The Flirt and fun factor: Video-Chat, Audio-Chat, an anonymous SMS Service,
Pattern profile:
Free Performance: Für Frauen: Interessen-Matching, psychologisches Matching, Zugang zur Datenbank mit Kontaktdaten; "Sign up here "
Benefits of membership: Für Männer: Vermittlungsgarantie (je gebuchter Monat wird mindestens ein Vermittlungs-Vorschlag unterbreitet);
Use all of the services;
Cost: For women for free;
For Men:
  • 3-month membership: 33,00€ monthly. (a total of. 99,00€)
  • 6-month membership: 21,50€ monthly. (a total of. 129,00€)
  • 12-month membership: 12,40€ monthly. (a total of. 149,00€)

The VIP membership includes the areas of the partner of your dreams, and adventure:

  • 12-month VIP membership: 298,00€;
Notice: Keine automatische Verlängerung des Vertrags; Verlängerung muss eigens beantragt werden;
free membership is cancellable at any time;
Security / Anonymity: It is 100% discretion is promised when the personal data; anonymity at the time of payment possible;
Ads-Respectability: With the help of a software system, the Profiles are checked for authenticity;
Feature: Mitglieder, die über längere Zeit auf Anfragen nicht antworten oder eine wenigstens Absage schicken, werden aus der Datei entfernt, dadurch sollen 100 % aktive Mitglieder garantiert werden;
24-hour assistance (costs by phone 0,14€/Min.
Overall impression: Of the self-representation to transparency and Fairness whether, in the Anti-Fake-work guarantee, could not be verified.
Plus point: Keine automatische Vertragsverlängerung;
Due to the separation in the partner of your dreams and erotic adventure, the opportunities to Meet like-minded people are increased.
Contact: "To love point "