Matchmaking with Be2

Matchmaking: Be2
Number of members: weltweit: über 7 Mio;
Germany: almost 2 million;
Ratio Men / Women: almost a slight Majority of balanced men;
Target group: Alle, die eine ernste Beziehung suchen; Singles, die genau wissen was sie wollen und die mit beiden Beinen fest im Leben stehen – und die den schönen Seiten des
Life are not averse;
Ease of use: easy-to-use and well; it is important information, as prices are lacking (at least, if you are not registered yet);
The Flirt and fun factor:
  • Direct contact is possible, but only if both of the participants is desired;
  • No Chat, SMS, etc.
Pattern profile: Kein Musterprofil;
Tour that offers a good idea of what to expect;
Free Performance: Partnerschafts-Test mit Auswertung;erste Kontakt-Empfehlungen; "Sign up here "
Benefits of membership: full use of the internal E-Mail system; images; at Least 10 Matches to be guaranteed;
  • 3-month membership: 141,00 €;
  • 6-month membership: 174,00 €;
  • 12-month membership: 252,00 €;
Notice: automatische Verlängerung des gewählten Zeitraums, wenn nicht gekündigt;
Notice Period: 14 Days;
Security / Anonymity: The personal member data will be managed by a reputable data center, whose clients include the German stock exchange, to ( according to the information);
Ads-Respectability: Due to the relatively high price and of scientific Tests, the probability of abuse is rather low;
Feature: Blog mit internationalem Bereich (brasilianisch, russisch, spanisch, italienisch und englisch;
also, matchmaking in the international area;
Overall impression:
  • All who want to seriously looking for a Partner, and to meet like-Minded people, here seem to be in good hands;
  • also, the high number of members is promising; however, one can expect for the price also a lot.
  • Minus: it's a Shame that some of the information is slow..;
Contact: "To Be2 "