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„Jeder kann flirten!“ sagt die Theorie. Aber in der Praxis sieht es ganz anders aus. Besonders das persönliche Ansprechen fällt vielen Männern und Frauen schwer. Zum Glück gibt es das Internet, das vieles einfacher macht! Aber: Ist das Flirten im Netz wirklich so einfach? No, unfortunately not! Also in the Word Wide Web, you need the right strategy for success. We have some tips for you.

Choose the right platform!

Who wants to flirt, searches for like-minded people. But not on any Social Media or Dating site you will meet people who suit you. Therefore, you should ask even before registering on a page, which target group to address these. For guidance you will find here are the most popular Dating services on the comparison .

Pay attention to your spelling!

The Internet invites us to neglect the language or the spelling. The Uppercase and lowercase in Chats is grossly neglected, may be tolerated in the case of loose flirt talks to. More and more typographical errors creep in, however, is in doubt as to the flirt partner quickly your intelligence.

You do not need to appear overly intellectual (unless you want it), but the spelling should be with the Online Flirt, in principle, error-free. And also in the Chat as the mail transport.

Especially foreign words or words with a high error potential, you should check in case of doubt the Duden, before you boast of your word wealth, and thus the foot, for example, because they write for the third Time, "terrace" (or rather "terrace"?).

You may, however, use to a loosening of the "conversation," like to be able to Internet typical abbreviations such as "lol" or friendly Smileys :)

Be frugal with compliments!

Not only women love compliments. Actually. It is essential, from whom these come. You know the chat partner, the chat partner can hardly, it should be with remarks on the good looks or charisma sparingly. Especially adjectives like "hot" and "sexy" make a bad impression.

Also nicknames like "Honey" or "Sweetie" should be taboo, because they provide an intimacy that is not appropriate in the initial flirtation still. You know yourself better, you will find out of alone, like the faces to nicknames.

Flirt so subtly and you don't go "the Whole hog", at least if you have serious interest. Speaking of subtle Flirting: a Lot of men and women in partnerships, online flirt regularly, but with the relationship partner. Caution is necessary here, also if you watch the Whole thing, perhaps only as a harmless Gimmick: The foreign flirt on social networks can also be used for the endurance test between you and the Partner, like a real fling.

Avoid controversial topics

If you want to meet in the Internet someone, should the topics about which you can mail or chat, initially loose. Do not go with controversial discussions of Religion or politics. This can deter flirt ready to Chatter quickly.

Anyone who surfs online and with Strangers, it wants to enjoy his leisure. Ask communities according to interests and passions, then the flirt partner feel comfortable and feel confident. In "talks" about the Job or the political and moral settings, the mood is spoiled quickly.

You will learn from the mistakes of others!

Staff Coach Peter Frahm has released a very interesting Video in which he explains how men should flirt:

We find: He's right!

Flirting like in real life

Basically, the Online is different-Flirt not so different from Flirting in real life. However, you are missing the getting to Know the visual stimulus. For many Relationship-seekers is a great advantage. Because online, you have the opportunity, first of all, the "inner values" to get acquainted before you meet for the first Time live.

Assuming that the chat partner is honest. For this you need to develop, however, itself a feeling. Because the disappointment dishonest Online flirting can hurt just as much as a "real" disappointment in love. We therefore wish you all the best, a lot of feeling for her and that you can Him or her convince the to Chat with!

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