Small flirt tips for students

Endlich fertig mit der Schule und raus aus dem elterlichen Haus. Wenn das Studium beginnt, schauen zukünftige Studenten begeistert, aber auch ängstlich in die Zukunft. Und das Studentenleben hat es manchmal in sich: man lernt viele neue Leute kennen, meistens eine neue Stadt und muss zum ersten Mal das Leben allein meistern. Wir können Ihnen zumindest bei einem Punkt helfen: beim Flirten. Denn darin sind wir Profis. Hier einige Flirttipps für Studenten.

Flirting in the library

Where can you flirt better than in the Uni library? Probably anywhere! As to flirting in the Bib, is not very easy. Here is the traditional flirt is not help tips for students, because it is silence and that is what makes learning so difficult.

But there are still opportunities, fellow students in the library anzuflirten:

Our tip: lay the Flirting on public areas, which are contact friendly. You might meet the dream man or the dream man from the library, Yes, at a student party again. Then you have a good hanger to the Response: "You were also recently in the library! ...“

Ideal places to Flirt at Uni

While Studying at the Uni in the foreground, but only the least-students are always full at the thing. In the case of freshmen, the Acquaintance is, of course, in the forefront. And this is especially in the first Semester easy. In the case of our flirt tips for students, the ideal places are not allowed to refer to the Meeting:

  • the Unicafeteria
  • the Mensa
  • the lecture hall (here you can't talk about it, but wonderful views of the contact record)
  • Students and Dorm parties
  • the University sports and other University activities

The advantage is that if you are studying at the same University, has one entry equal to a good topic for the Conversation.

A note for male students: here we will tell you what women find men attractive. So you can increase your chances with the ladies.

If you want to by the way to learn more about the upcoming studies and student life, you will receive, among other things, in the student counselor a lot more info and tips .

A touchy subject: students-faculty relations

But what if you are flirting with the lecturer or the lecturer? In principle, student-faculty relations are not illegal, but it is difficult. You should create it on a Flirt, pay attention to a:

You can be from another faculty to check and make also, if possible, no other study crucial Work or Tests with him or her. Otherwise, it can quickly lead to slander of the Uni ("I can only have a 1, because ..."), the mutually unpleasant consequences.

Flirting at the Uni – Easier than I thought

Our flirt tips for students have helped them, hopefully, are now. Now you are on the train. Even if you are shy, you should take advantage of the opportunities that student life offers. For an easier opportunity than in the period of study, meet new people, you have probably never again. We wish you much success.

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