You can fall in love really on the Internet?

Liebe in Zeiten des Internets – für viele immer noch ein schwieriges Thema. Immer noch treiben sich Vorurteile in den Köpfen der Nutzer herum: „Habe ich das überhaupt nötig?“, „Besteht der tolle Typ aus dem Chat auch den Alltagstest?“ oder „Werde ich beim ersten Date enttäuscht sein?“. Alles Fragen, die sich längst überholt haben. Denn Online-Dating ist in und laut neuesten Studien ist es durchaus möglich, dass auch Sie sich ernsthaft im Internet verlieben.

Serious relationships need time

Anyone who believes that you could find quickly online, a Partner who has unfortunately been deceived. A representative survey of the Infratest Dimap has been faster than in real life, the Flirt on the Internet is not a real relationship. An average of 19 months, users of single stock exchanges.

This, however, has a larger selection, because there are now not only thousands of Single and partner exchanges, but also millions of registered users. And the frequency of use is relatively high, as a survey by the Federal Association of Digital economy e. V. as a result of:

Success in Online Dating is relatively high

To fall in love on the Internet is becoming more and more a real Alternative. Although the circle is still considered to be "dome-environment" in the first place, the Online Dating is catching up but just in the last few years with giant steps. under in 2010, investigated the probability of a relationship through online Dating services and found that all 16% of the new partnerships created by the Internet. And the trend clearly upwards.

And the attitude to Online Dating has now changed fundamentally:

And who is searching for itself: under you will find a comparison of the test winner among the single exchanges.

Relationships formed on the Internet are more stable

Hard to believe, but in the meantime, even used. According to a study by New York University, relationships that start online keep, longer, than traditional. As a result, 75 were of 100 couples who fell in love on the Internet, after 2 years. The rate in relationships that have met in real life: after 6 months, but only 60 are a Pair. In addition, couples "on average, 1 ½ years together" stay Online longer.

What are the reasons for these huge differences? And why the love the Internet has the nose in front?

Clear answer: communication. For people who get to know each other online, from the beginning of the exchange in the center of the relationship. You can learn about the common communication, and succumbs after only the visual Stimuli.

Further advantages are:

  • the greater choice of life partner
  • the initial anonymity (especially for shy people)
  • the more accurate the vote on their own claims

And then, when the first Date is imminent, we have here a some tips for you .

A major drawback, but the of the Dating services offered Matching systems are still not optimal. First and foremost is to look for common interests. These, however, are in a serious relationship rather beside the point. Here, common ideas are crucial, which are queried in the Online Dating platforms is still to superficial. To fall in love on the Internet, so still the own feeling. But that is a good thing, because who wants to rely on the private fortune on a machine ;)

Falling in love online is possible

One thing is clear: one can fall in love on the Internet. And also permanently. Everyone will know at least one example from his circle of friends and acquaintances. So why not even once online active? Who knows, you might even find online love. We wish you good luck and all the best!

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