Hot Flirts – The Extra

Waren Sie mal in einer Bar oder auf einer Party, und haben Sie sich dort einmal einem netten Kerl oder einem hübschen Mädchen unterhalten? So etwas macht viel Spaß, doch oftmals werden einige oder sogar alle der ausgesendeten Signale des Gesprächspartner nicht verstanden. Einige der Unterschiede zwischen Männern und Frauen sind deutlich ausgeprägt, andere hingegen können sehr subtil sein. Women generally think more about flirting than men, they discuss it before and after the Flirt all the Details with your Girlfriends. Men are far more results-oriented, and they allow the Flirt to a less of great importance. The flirting is successful, men are their own buddies to often communication is needed, and usually on the boastful undertone is not waived. Once we understand how the two sexes think in terms of hot Flirts and act, the easier it is to understand why they act a certain way.

Here are some of the differences are:

1. Men want results

Most of the boys prefer a quick way to get to the goal, be it a telephone number, a Date, or a One-Night.

2. Women are more subtle

Women can be much more subtle – you're constantly flirting signals and think they are waving the summons and how a female air traffic controller with a guy, but the guy looks stupid way, nothing on his Radar. Men understand, unfortunately, is not always that women like to be courted and wooed, instead, they plunge ahead directly and frankly and say what you want.

3. Women love hot Flirts

Women in the Flirting a lot. You love it, on hot Flirts, the advances, the signals and the entire course with your Girlfriends to exchange.

4. Men want autonomy


Women bring in a sense of helplessness a lot more of other opinions, to discuss and to improve the exchange of ideas is always like that. A lot of guys to digest the information for themselves and draw their own conclusions, especially after failures. However, this can also have advantages, because if you make with other people to many thoughts about the Flirting and suffered disappointments, you can go a lot of personal momentum and the spontaneity is lost. The Online flirtations of the case. There are a number of Websites where in real time, flirting can be, in special chat rooms, and the art in such spaces, such as in the case of is to be neither verkünsteln too directly.

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