The most common alarm signs – recognize What you have a relationship crisis

Eigentlich geben wir Tipps für die Beziehungsanbahnung und nicht für das Ende einer Partnerschaft. Aber leider gehören Trennungen inzwischen zum „Liebesalltag“. Wir möchten daher nicht nur die „rosaroten“ Seiten der Liebe beleuchten, sondern Ihnen auch in Krisenzeiten mit Rat zur Seite stehen. Here are some typical warning signs that tell you that your relationship is crumbling.

"Partner"-shank? No, thank you!

The Partner is rarely home? You company is less and less to each other? Over life for a Long time to be together? Then, a clarifying conversation is due. Because if the Partner withdraws increasingly from the relationship, is mostly a deep dissatisfaction behind it, which leads to a permanent separation. If the relationship is sinking, finally, in Silence, it is often too late.

Studies have shown that the risk of a separation in the spring and just before Christmas is particularly high:

Trennungen nach Jahreszeit

In the spring and just before Christmas, couples are able to separate the most


So if you want to avoid catastrophic holidays that are looking for you from early on in the debate! Because a crisis arises, not from today to tomorrow, but to be in the offing, mostly about months.

The hair in the soup

If your Partner will be for the duration of a whiner and not a good hair more you should ring your alarm bells. You will resolve any discrepancies, before you forget what you once loved in your relationship. Then you can save the partnership, perhaps.

Don't yell at me!

Noisy quarrel because of trivialities is a sign of lack of respect are. Your Partner to give in at trifles "a barrel", is not only a clear sign of a relationship crisis, but also a Signal for you, the partnership has to be questioned. Because the duration of the dispute can quickly become a mental burden. Consider early on whether you ever want to continue the relationship.

Not tonight, honey!

How often have you heard this phrase in the last few months, if you wanted to seduce your Partner? To often? Then you should be noisy. Although Stress can be a reason that in the bed nothing more to be running, but it could put doubt in the relationship or even an affair behind it. Ask your Partner directly about the reasons for the "those sex-starved". He or she loves you still, should honesty be no Problem.

What do you want?

In the case of relationship crisis, it is always your task, the partnership has to be questioned. Do you want to lead the relationship further? Are you ready to go one step further? Or you realize that you can't imagine a future with your Partner? Only if you are absolutely sure what you want, you can relationship problems determined. We wish you all the best!

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