The Partner Thai massage – the perfect Valentine's day gift

Bald steht er wieder vor der Tür: der Valentinstag am 14. Februar. Er erinnert Paare daran, wieder einmal bewusst Zeit miteinander zu verbringen. Sollte das Budget für den romantischen Luxustrip nicht reichen, gibt es trotzdem Möglichkeiten für einen Mini-Urlaub zu zweit – zum Beispiel in Form einer gemeinsamen Thaimassage. In many Studios that offer traditional Asian Massage, you can book Couple's massages as a package, so that you can experience the relaxing, soothing and healthy experience at the same time. A voucher for a Two-Thai massage is the ideal gift for Valentine's day. In the Following, we explain what may cause the Thai massage for you and your loved one/s and what you during the treatment should pay attention to.

What is actually massage a Thai?

The traditional Thai massage is an ancient massage technique, which is of Indian origin and in Thailand for many centuries, has been further developed. It involves elements of Yoga and acupressure, for example, stretching movements, as well as powerful pressure point massage. Especially the latter should stimulate according to Ayurvedic theory, the energy lines that run through the entire body as a network,.

The masseuse – because they are generally women who have completed the special training, often directly in Thailand, edited the body of the customers are extremely dynamic and using hands, knees, elbows and feet. For the Thai massage, the typical pressure is felt by some people in the first few seconds as an unpleasant, but soothing and a relaxing effect.

However, not only the technology, but also the mindfulness of the mass of urine is an essential part of the treatment: The masseuse felt the condition of the muscles and the musculoskeletal system of the customer and can be used to modulate the pressure and the intensity of the strains accordingly. In addition, you will always ensure that a trusting, peaceful and meditative atmosphere, so that the relaxation effect can fully develop.

The Thai massage is to have an impact, according to Tradition, inter alia, a positive effect on the following physical ailments:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Digestive problems
  • Sleep disorders
  • Back pain

It is scientifically proved that the treatment stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow and relaxes the muscles. Due to the intense touches is enhanced, moreover the well-being.

For more information about the effect of the classic Thai massage, you can find .

How does a Thai massage and what to look for?

Also, if it is just on the occasion of the Valentine's day seductive: until about two hours before the Thai massage, you should take a delicious Three-course menu. Otherwise, it could come during the Massage, Nausea, or dizziness. In the best case, you take the Thai massage on an empty stomach or have only a very light meal.

In order to create a pleasant atmosphere reigns in the rooms where Thai massages take place in the generally dim light. It is still up to relaxing, Asian sounds; the scent of incense or essential Oils to welcome the customers.

The classic Thai massage takes about one to one and a half hours, per 60 minutes are usually required to 50 EUR. The client lies on a Mat on the floor and the torso is either free or only very lightly dressed. Who's never been massaged in the traditional Thai way, or to diseases of the cardiovascular system suffers, should inform the masseuse to the beginning of the treatment, as in this case, with less pressure can be used. Acute pain during the Massage, you should not tolerate, but immediately a softer version or a short break ask. Experienced masseuses recognize, however, usually, where the threshold of pain your customer is and proceed accordingly considerate. A slight muscle ache on the following day, however, is relatively normal.

After the Thai massage your muscles and joints soft and loose, and your skin should feel well supplied with blood. In mental respect, the Massage has taken care of the ideal way to ensure that you switch off from everyday stress, regain your strength and balance were able to win. In many Thai massage parlors, therefore, it is also common that the customer may in the relaxation room for a few minutes, with a Cup of tea, the soothing effect of the Massage "trace". Then, you should engage in stressful employment, but to rest. Therefore, the best appointment for a Thai massage in the evening after work or on the weekend. An excellent reason for a subsequent cuddly hour with the Partner/the partner at home on the Sofa ...

Conclusion: the positive influence that can have a Thai massage on your partnership

Since a relationship is always fresh and new impulses common experience, a Partner-Thai is massage always a profit – especially, but not only for Valentine's day! Not only will you learn (again) to relax together and to enjoy the physical and mental balance also leads to to handle in everyday life level-headed with each other and problems are better handled.

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